Rodarte Creates A Fashion Fantasy In A Rainy Cemetery

Only Rodarte could convince the most important people in the fashion industry to sit through a runway show in a cemetery.


Sunday's show marked designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy's return to New York Fashion Week after several seasons away. Would it be worth the anticipation and soggy bottoms? 

Resoundingly, yes. The collection — ethereal, frothy, and romantic gowns with exquisite floral hairpieces — looked even more magical set against the rainy, gloomy sky.

The models, whose makeup and hair miraculously stayed intact (kudos to the hair and makeup artists!), almost looked untouched by the rain, floating among the tombstones in glittery tulle confections fit for a twisted Nutcracker.

Deco-inspired jewellery, including striking armbands, seemed to pay homage to Hedy Lamarr's iconic star headpiece in Ziegfeld Girl. The Mulleavy sisters reminded us that fashion is about selling a fantasy, just as much as it is about selling clothes.

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