Your Snapchat Stories Can Now Last Forever

The social media app unveils its newest feature, Memories


After building a social media kingdom on ephemerality with disappearing snaps, videos and messages, Snapchat has gone against its grain by introducing a new feature named Memories that allow you to save “personal moments” forever.

Previously, we could only save our own snaps to the camera roll, but with Memories, we can now keep them within the app. The feature also allows us to edit saved snaps, add a location, send them to friends and even mix them with your current story (old snaps will be distinguished by their white frames).

All snaps saved in Memories are searchable by date, place or object. Got a sensitive snap? You can keep them under the section “My Eyes Only”, which requires a PIN to access - minimising your vulnerability should your phone gets lost.

According to the Snapchat blog, the feature will be rolled out selectively over the next month or so. See how it works in the video above.

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