Your Phone Might Be Saying You Have Attachment Anxiety

No good vibrations here


Ever feel your phone vibrate in your pocket, only to realise you didn’t actually get a call, a text, or even a social media notification when you whip it out? You are not alone.

Studies have found that almost a whopping 90% of smart phone users have reportedly experienced this phenomenon, and there’s a perfect term for it — Phantom Vibration Syndrome.  

In this digital age, most of us would have experienced Phantom Vibration Syndrome and thought nothing of it, but did you know the frequency in which you feel your phone buzzing for no reason can say a lot about your attachment style?

A new study by the research team from the University of Michigan’s School of Public has found that people who report more frequent phantom cell phone vibrations have greater levels of attachment anxiety — where one feels a greater need for reassurance and fear of abandonment from family, friends and partners.

All this can be summed up with one apt millennial term: FOMO, or the fear of missing out. With increased use of social media, we all have a greater innate need to constantly be connected and involved with those around us, and get anxious when we don’t.

On the other hand, people with attachment avoidance (those who avoid social interaction as much as possible) are 18% less likely to experience phantom vibrations.

So the next time you feel your phone vibrating only to find no new notifications, take note of how much you’re experiencing these phantom rings — it might be a sign to revaluate your state of mind. Or time to go off the grid and go on a phone-less, social media-free holiday.


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