Your Monday Jam Is Right Here

Justin Timberlake is back!


We should have guessed from his cryptic "2 more days" tweet on 4 May, but  just when we were starting to believe that Justin Timberlake was done with making music, he surprises us by dropping a radio-friendly, happy ditty that we can't stop shimmying to. It's been three years - time flies don't it? - and we gotta say, it's been worth the wait.

Can't Stop The Feeling waves a cheery hello to the summer season, one that conjures images of poolside parties, ice-cold drinks and colourful bikinis. It reminds us a lot of The Weeknd's Can't Feel My Face — just a little less sexy. 

The electro-soul tune is featured in the soundtrack of the animated movie Trolls but also his first single off an upcoming album. Till then, it's our de facto summer anthem. Listen to it now. And, just dance, dance, dance. 

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