Your Mobile Phone Is Slowly Killing Your Back

Next to go could be your hands and elbows


The average person checks her mobile well over a 100 times a day – no surprise, then, that it’s causing us a great deal of pain. While you're using your iPhone and iPad, you could be on your way to getting an iPosture at the same time. Except, unlike the latest gadgets to hit the market, this is something you definitely wouldn’t want as much (unless you could live with rusty joints or walking around all hunched up). 

Experiencing any of the following symptoms? It’s time to change the way you use your mobile.

Text neck

Pain in the neck (in the literal sense) — it’s one of the most common complaints. Even if you don’t have it now, know that constantly lowering your head to look at your phone could soon bring about a major ache. A mere 15-degree tilt puts 27lbs of pressure on your spine — imagine the impact of that stress in the long run!

Text thumb

Does your thumb “pop” whenever you straighten or bend it? You could be developing a case of text thumb. More commonly known as trigger thumb, the afflicted finger could be locked in a curled position after a long stretch of tapping on your mobile screen.

Text claw

This goes beyond the thumb — are you experiencing soreness, stiffness and cramping in the rest of your fingers, wrist and forearm? If your screen addiction continues, your hand could soon be permanently shaped like a holder for your mobile.

Cubital tunnel syndrome

Your elbows suffer from excessive mobile use too when you’re texting or holding up the phone to your ear. Wherever possible, go hands-free or at least try to lower your arms.

Here are some other ways to ease the discomfort — hold your phone with the hand that you don’t usually do so with, and instead of always texting with your thumb, let your index finger stand in now and then. Just remember this: Don’t keep your hands locked in the same position for long periods of time.

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