Your Horoscope For 2016

The year ahead is all about living in the moment, no matter your star sign


Make the new year one to enjoy. There’s no point in endlessly travelling if you don’t stop along the way to explore and experience the new places you’ve reached, just like there’s little reason to work long hours if you give yourself no time to enjoy the rewards you have earned.

Somewhere along the route, you must make a little time and space for yourself, so that you can look at how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved, and feel pleased. And 2016 is the time for that.

Just as the regular annual cycle has seasons – spring, summer and so on – there are also larger cycles created by the outer planets, unfolding over several decades. In the same way, 2016 is like that. There is a definite pause in the middle of the year, and this is the point at which you get to look at where you are and how far you’ve come, and where the big decisions have to be made about what to keep and what to let go of.

At the end of the summer, there’s a feeling of renewed enthusiasm and confidence. Whatever decisions you’ve made, you seem happy with them and ready to resume your journey.

At the end of the year, the outer planets are again in alignment, but the pattern is different this time. It’s clear that the mood of the year has changed. These patterns are part of a later phase, which will show itself more fully in 2017. But there’s no need to rush: 2016 is a year for enjoyment and celebration, and has far more to do with where you are than were you were, or hope to be. 

Live in the moment.


Yours is a sign that lives for the moment, day to day, and your idea of the future usually goes no further than next year. But this year, you’re thinking about where you’ll be at the end of the decade, or even further. 

You’ve never been like this before – but then, you have never faced the choice that you will this summer. It’s not a crisis but something entirely internal and personal, and has to do with taking a path that’s always been open to you, but which you so far have ignored or deliberately avoided. 


In 2016, you move forward, steadily and evenly, through the 12 months of the year. It’s all about confidence in yourself and clarity in your aims and ambitions. In the second half of the year, you’re an unstoppable force, gaining ground and actually ahead of what everyone else is doing.


This is a year when it’s important for you to keep moving, and to maintain your momentum. There’ll be occasions where you’re pulled back into situations you thought you’d left behind, and then have to spend time extricating yourself again.

The only way you can escape is when other people choose to release you – so convince them that it’s not in their interest to restrain you.


All through this year, you’ll be looking at what you do and wondering how projects that once inspired you have become such dull routines. You also think carefully about what you can realistically expect from the future. 

You may decide you want to continue, because you still believe you can achieve what you set out to do. Or you may decide that you have done all you can with it, and want to change. 

What happens in September will make your decision permanent, so you have about three months to decide. 


A problem of trust lies at the heart of 2016 for you. You’re being led towards a promised future that you’re very unsure of, and when you look for reassurance, the answers are ever more vague.

Put your faith in your own abilities and in the end, what you create will be better than anything that could have been put there for you by someone else.

This series of encounters shows you that there are several possible answers to every question. In recent times, you have let yourself become too fixed in your attitudes and expectations – you need to rediscover your spontaneity and creativity.


Make this the year when you step outside your regular routines and live life on a larger scale. It’s easy to say that but it’s much harder to actually do it, especially if you’re not used to taking risks. But twice this year, Jupiter enlists the help of Pluto to fire up your life and get you moving.

There’ll be times when you feel uncertain about where it’s taking you, but on each occasion, Jupiter will push you forward. You’ll be fine – and at the end of the year, you’ll be surprised by where he has taken you.


Your priority in 2016 is to focus your energies rather than wasting them, and to achieve more by doing less. In the early part of the year, you’ll be trying to make space for yourself, to get done all the things that are on your various lists and schedules. In June comes a turning point; you understand how you could change all that almost instantly, which you couldn’t see before.

And come September, you’ll have the confidence and the energy to try new things and experience wonderful opportunities, many of which you’d never imagined.


You’ll find yourself making choices, going back on them, changing your mind again and so on. In a way, what you’re going through here is a little existential crisis – you’re questioning your own motives and beliefs. Perhaps you feel you’ve become too fixed in your attitudes and that you’re being left behind as the world moves on. Or that you’ve achieved most of the targets you’ve set yourself and can’t decide where to go next. 

By July, you’ll see that the time spent soul-searching wasn’t wasted, but useful – it will have restored your confidence and sense of purpose and you’ll feel the difference. 


Should you stay or go? It’s the essential Sagittarian question, the one that’s always at the back of your mind. This year, there are huge planetary pressures on you; Saturn is urging you to take a more settled, mature view of your life and you have no problem with that.

But if you do that, you throw away all that you’ve worked so hard to achieve in recent years. It’s a very difficult choice to make, and your own planet Jupiter adds to this, giving you your best chance in a decade to do what you really want. It’s a call you can’t ignore. 


Flexibility is the word to remember in 2016. Whenever you’re presented with an obstacle in your path, think of a way to go round it rather than attempting to break it down. And if you meet a new idea that seems to threaten all that you stand for, don’t reject it completely, but try to see what its benefits are and whether you can adapt your own way of working to use some of it.

Remind yourself, every time, that bending is better than breaking. What this year is really about is getting you to accept movement and change. But accepting change doesn’t mean compromising your principles. Hold fast to values while allowing old habits and routines to change or be updated.


In 2016, the gap between what you want and what you can afford becomes something you can no longer ignore. Make sure you approach the problem from the right direction. It may seem logical to work on strengthening your finances but it’s better to focus on what you really want to do, and let the financial side of things look after itself.

There’s no need to worry: Once you’ve established a direction, the help you need will be given to you. 


2016 is about finding a balance between managing your responsibilities and still maintaining your own identity. Rather than sidestepping problems when they occur, you’ll have to learn to meet them head-on, and to find new answers to them. 

If you’re successful, then all the praise and rewards will come to you, but if you fail, then you must take the consequences of that. This year may well be a real turning point. If you can meet its challenge, you’ll have claimed your place in the world. 

You have the power to command, but it’s up to you to show that you can do it.

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Illustration: Jasline Ang

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