Your 4th Of July Musical Homage, Sorted

Mark the USA’s 240th birthday with music from some of its most talented artistes


Today is Independence Day in the United States, a country that remains close to the hearts of Singaporeans. Having grown up on a largely American TV, music and pop culture diet, we're more strongly influenced by the land of the free and the home of the brave than we may realise.

And while you may celebrate today in little ways such as having BBQ ribs for dinner, swigging from a bottle of America (formerly known as Budweiser), or watching classic American movies such as American Beauty or Rebel Without A Cause, we at Team ELLE will be marking the day with a US-centric music soundtrack featuring some of the industry's most talented artistes.

Join us by clicking on one of the links below. You can also check out our special ELLE Singapore 4 July playlist on Spotify. May the 4th be with you! 


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