You Can Now Stalk Your Ex In Peace

Take your Instagram snoop game to the next level


We know what it’s like: The trepidation that comes when you’re 64 weeks deep into someone’s Instagram account, cautiously scrolling from photo to photo, when your index finger suddenly spasms and double taps. Oh, the horror.

Well, you’ll never have to worry about that again with this app. Created by model Olivia Orchowski — who was inspired to develop it while stalking her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend — it’s aptly named InstaSnoop.

The app lets you view Instagram profiles and photos but blocks the Like and Comment functions, so you can happily sieve through years of posts without the fear of accidentally liking anything. You can even add the accounts you want to routinely check back on into a Snooplist, where you can easily access them without going through all the fuss of searching.

Besides being able to safely snoop, what we really love is the network feature, which lists all your followers, the people you’re following and the ones that you mutually follow and are followed by. We all have that friend who likes to make their follower numbers look beefier by not reciprocating a follow, so this is a great way to weed them out.

Other cool functions include the capability to zoom in (finally!), save pictures in your Snooplist to look at later and managing multiple accounts at the same time.

Sadly, the app is only available for download on the Apple Store right now, but we’re sure a version for Android phones will be rolling out in no time.

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