You Can Finally Find Out What Your Cat Is Saying

This has got to be the invention of the year!


Remember the animated film Up featuring a talking dog called Dug, who wore a special collar that allowed him to 'speak'? Well, guess what - there's a real-life version of that collar, for cats.

Billed as the world's first talking cat collar, Catterbox is the brainchild of the people at The Temptations Lab who created the 3D device that's been designed to pick up on your feline's meows and translate them via a Catterbox phone app. Different cat noises are analysed, and a digital sensor that detects these noises then converts into English.

The Bluetooth- and wifi-enabled device comes with a speaker, which plays the translation after each meow. You can even choose the type of speaking voice for the translations, most of which sound pretty cheeky. Based on the collar, your cat could be saying anything from "Hello!" to "I'm sleepy" to "This is rather fun". There are four collar hues to choose from: black, yellow, turquoise and sky blue. find out more here.


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