Why Your Face Needs A Workout (Plus How To Do It)

Think of it as getting a six-pack for your cheeks


Want to get rid of that double chin you’ve unwittingly nurtured over the past few years? We’ve got just the solution for you. No need to go to extremes with plastic surgery or blow good money on this wacky contraption, because all you need to do are a few simple facial exercises.

Not only will these help trim down those chipmunk cheeks, they’ll also sculpt your jawline and tighten that wattle. And here’s the bonus: They’re so easy to accomplish, you can even do them while you’re in the shower.

Shrink your chubby cheeks

1. Inhale deeply through your mouth, then close your lips. Using your cheek muscles, shift the air inside your mouth from the right cheek to the left, and vice versa. Do this 20 times, pause, then repeat an additional five rounds.

2. Pronounce the letters “X” and “O” with exaggerated movements of your mouth alternately 20 times. Repeat this process five times. 

Tighten your double chin

1. Close your lips, suck in your cheeks as tightly as possible and hold the position for 20 seconds. Repeat this 20 times.

2. Tilt your face towards the ceiling and look upwards so that your neck feels taut. Then make chewing motions with your jaw, opening and closing your mouth.

3. Ball your hand into a fist and place it under your chin. Press your fist into your chin lightly. Push your chin downwards on your fist, at the same time using your fist to push up on your chin. Do this for a few minutes, then take a break and repeat this two to three rounds.

Source: Fixlife.org

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