Why You Should Get Your Own Two Wheels

There’s no reason you need four


Don’t call it a comeback — even as many in Singapore find ways and means to own a car or can’t live without their Grab app, cycling has always been on-trend. Just take a look at the number of so-hip-it-hurts bike stores that have sprouted around the island, from hot fave Wheeler’s Yard and to folding bike specialists Mighty Velo and Byx, home to brands like Niner, Kestrel and Fuji, which were previously available here only in limited numbers. 

Cycling has its pros — it’s great exercise, affordable, and highly accessible and inclusive to broad segments of society. And most of all, it’s eco-friendly. In these challenging times when global warming is a big issue, it makes a lot of sense to let your legs carry you from Point A to Point B.

We get former national cyclist and Coast Cycles founder, Jansen Tan, to talk about the sport.

Why has cycling become even more fashionable of late?

It has always been fashionable, it’s just that with the proliferation of cycling wear from brands like Levi’s, Rapha and Fred Perry, it seems to have become fashionable only lately. There are also more options when it comes to bikes; before, there were just racing and mountain bikes but now we’ve got our Coast Ruckus (inspired by the American mini-bike) and the Coastliner, a sport urban bike. And there’s Quinn, a compact commuter. 

Why is cycling a good sport to pick up? 

It’s low-impact and easy on the joints, as long as the bike’s measurements fit your physique. It’s also a great way to see things you miss when you’re driving, not to mention a great skill to learn.

How popular would you say cycling is among women?

Interest is growing. Many of our clients’ girlfriends and wives end up buying bikes, too. I think women appreciate clean design. Technical bikes intimidate them!

How can one get more out of her cycling performance?  

The cool thing is you can start off easy and build your fitness from there. Make sure you’re properly fitted on it — correct seat height and positioning of handle bars is important.

Photos: Hanneli

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