Why You Don’t Need Coffee First Thing In The Morning

Wait till these magic hours for a better caffeine kick


Here’s news for those who can’t get going without that morning cuppa — science says you actually can do without it. According to chronopharmacology studies (which deal with how brain chemistry interacts with drugs), your body doesn’t benefit from a caffeine rush in the early morning. 

The production of cortisol (known as the stress hormone), which gives us a quick burst of energy, peaks at about 8 to 9am. This means that supplementing your body with caffeine at this time of the day is quite unnecessary.

Even if you still feel half-asleep right after you’ve dragged yourself out of bed, your mind will become naturally alert sooner than you think. Of course, this only applies assuming that you have a 9-to-5 job, clock at least 6 hours of sleep at night and have your alarm set at around 7am. 

What, then, is the harm in taking coffee while your cortisol levels are up? It could lead to desensitisation, which means that you’ll gradually need more and more caffeine to get that same buzz. Coffee addicts, take heed.

The trick, it seems, is to delay that morning cuppa to 9.30am, when cortisol levels in your system have eased off. To help you better reap the mind-awakening benefits of caffeine, here are other times of the day when cortisol production is not active. Let this be your guide to when you should schedule a coffee break!

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