Why The First Thing You Eat Today Should Be Chocolate Cake

Best thing we've heard today!


Buh-bye cereal, eggs and even avocado on toast - scientists are now saying that the sinful confection is the best thing you can have for breakfast. What's more, it'll make you lose weight too.

No, we haven't been at the Kool-Aid; in a study done by a research team at Tel Aviv University, findings reveal that chocolate cake is best eaten first thing in the morning for several reasons.  For one, the body’s metabolism is most active in the morning, so the body has the rest of the day to burn the calories. What's more, chocolate helps reduce your craving for sugary food.

Need more reasons? Staying away from sweet treats could feed an addiction to them in the long-term.  so the key is to indulge where possible. Breakfast time is ideal ,also because ghrelin, a hormone that increases hunger, is most successfully regulated at in the morning.

All this sounds logical in our books, coupled by the fact that chocolate - which is rich in flavonoids that give our bodies an antioxidant boost - has always been said to be good for the heart. So if you're currently wolfing down some cereal or in the queue for a packet of fried noodles, you may want to go with something a lot more luscious. Preferably with extra fudge and a dollop of whipped cream.

Photos: hershey's.com, app.com

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