Why Sun Ho Is At The Top Of The Singapore iTunes Chart

Calm down - there are some perfectly logical reasons


Adele may be the most popular female recording artist in the world right now, but the Singaporean audience obviously has a mind of its own. We learned that yesterday when the Brit singer was beaten on the Singapore iTunes charts by a certain Sun Ho.

City Harvest Church pastor-singer Ho’s new album, Draw Me, rocketed to No 1 on the list just days after its June 10 release. As of today, it tops local artist Gentle Bones’ latest offering, Geniuses & Thieves; Adele’s 25; the soundtrack to upcoming Tamil blockbuster Kabali; and the Side A EP by YouTube star Christina Grimmie, who was shot to death last week.

Of course, everyone’s wondering how she did it. And to that, here are two perfectly logical reasons.

1. A popular promoter

Ho’s congregation-leading (and equally controversial) husband Reverend Kong Hee championed the album on Facebook on June 3. He called her songs “amazing” and “so anointed” – and also mentioned two terms that are magic to Singaporeans’ ears: “limited quantity” and a “discount” for pre-orders.

2. A ready pool of fans

There are an estimated 16,000 City Harvest churchgoers, and according to Quora, it only takes about 12,000 downloads a day in the United States for an album to make No 1. Knock off a few thousand to reflect Singapore’s much-smaller market and you have enough downloads to keep the album going for a while, if everyone in the church buys a copy or more.

Photo: Sun Ho Facebook

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