Why Facebook Is Creating A Dislike Button

Will kindness prevail or will we just use it to diss our friend’s selfies?


After years of saying no to requests, Mark Zuckerberg has officially announced that a dislike button for Facebook is in the works, and is currently undergoing tests.

Why the change of heart?

Well, we’ve all been through that awkward what-do-I-do? moment when a friend posts a short blurb on a parent’s death or a video on violence in Syria. In times like these, liking the post can seem inappropriate.

Also, the curation of posts on your Facebook Newsfeed is determined by your likes and interactions. So, if you don't feel right responding to something sensitive or sad, posts of that kind, which may be important or relevant to you, will slowly stop appearing.

Zuckerberg hopes that the dislike button will help convey empathy where likes are deemed insensitive. We think it’s a great move on Facebook’s part - but calling it a dislike button may be too vague. (Are we on the same wavelength on this issue? Or do you just have a problem with my grammar?)

How about calling it the “I feel ‘ya” button instead?

Also, there are a lot of ways this could backfire. With disapproval so easy to dish out, Facebook may become a very negative and hostile space. Will the dislike button be a good move, or are we putting too much #faithinhumanity? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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