Who Wants To Be A Musician In SG?

Weish from .gif and Samantha Teng from Pleasantry are two of a growing cool crew


Pleasantry (left), .gif

Not many choose to be a musician in Singapore, so kudos from ELLE! What satisfaction do you get from it?

Weish Immense satisfaction. To be really honest, all it takes is for someone to write or speak to us about how our music resonates with them for us to feel wholly satisfied. We’ve had people write us emails about how certain songs helped them tide through difficult times, and once a member of the audience approached us after a show in tears. These tiny moments really make everything worthwhile. After some time we realised that just making one connection with one other person is enough to justify all the work we put in. It isn’t and shouldn’t be about anything else.

Samantha Thank you ELLE! It means a lot. We don’t always get a pat on the back for what we’ve chosen to do. “Why this path?” is a question we get a lot, accompanied by “can you survive on making music?” and “how long are you going to keep doing this?” Music will always be around and as long as we can use it to tell our stories in a special way that we can call our own...we will keep on keeping on. 

How do you feel local music has evolved?

W Obviously, the scene has seen a very heartening growth in recent years. This has applied to both artists and listeners as well.

From my personal observation, the evolution of the local music scene is driven by a chain reaction of people inspiring people. It’s quite akin to how we ourselves were inspired by Singaporean bands.

Which local singers/bands inspire you?

W TAJ, Amateur Takes Control, Octover, B-Quartet, Plainsunset, Anechois, Charlie Lim and The Mothership, The Psalms, The Analog Girl, The Steve McQueens, Pleasantry...I could go on forever!

Electrico, Caracal, Plainsunset, The Observatory, I am David Sparkle, just to name a few.  

Complete this sentence: Singaporeans need to...

W Support local arts and enterprises!

S Unite in music and love!

#Supportlocal and catch indie tunes from .gif, Pleasantry and other local bands on Lush99.5FM.

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