Which Of These Is More Likely To Kill You?

The answer will blow your mind


Are you living on the edge by...using your phone camera too much?

According to digital media website Mashable, more people have lost their lives this year to selfies as compared to sharks.

Despite the many shark-related deaths you’ve heard about (or seem to recall happening over the past months), such attacks claimed just eight lives in 2015, while mishaps from using selfie sticks led to 12 deaths.

Of the 12, the most common reasons were tourists falling off cliffs or tall buildings while attempting to take selfies (either by hand or selfie stick), or getting hit by a moving vehicle while trying to snap a photo.

Then there are the cases where selfie hunters were attacked by wild animals, bitten by rattlesnakes or gored to death.

In the US, Waterton Canyon Park in Denver, Colorado has even been closed because rangers are unable to stop people from taking selfies with bears. Meanwhile, Russia has launched a public safety campaign called “Safe Selfies” to caution people about the possible dangers involved in snapping such photos after more than 100 people were injured while doing that this year.

According to Forbes, however, the odds of dying by selfie are about one in 500 million. 

Doesn’t sound like a lot? We still recommend a good look around you before you take your next selfie.

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