What Your Lips Say About You

Are you a dreamer, an introvert or a pleasure-seeker?


Think your face shape is the only window to your personality and character? Your pout (glossy, matte or au naturel) can also be telling of your personality, according to face-reading experts. They believe that all the features you’re born with hold the key to the person you’re meant to be, with every feature working in tandem to represent who you are. Not convinced? Read on.

Full lips

Do you have perfectly symmetrical lips? Congratulations! They’re seen as the most gorgeous pouts out there (hello, Angelina Jolie!) and are said to reflect a passionate, caring and giving personality. People with such lips also apparently have an ability to connect well with others and have a large social circle.

Round lips

If you have lips that are shaped like a button, you’re likely to be a bit of a rebel and a flirt. You love to socialise and be the centre of attention, and others are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.

‘Goldilocks’ lips

Not too big or small, not too cold or hot - Goldilocks lips are medium-sized with a fairly well-defined cupid’s bow. Such a pout is likely to mean you have good relationships with people (no OTT drama, thank you) and while you like to stay connected, you draw the line at being needy.

Thin lips

You’re sensitive, organised and reserved at times. You’re also unadventurous and not a risk-taker. But you’re full of determination and serious about what you do.

Downturned lips

These puckers indicate a tendency to be picky and hard to please. They’re usually linked to shy, introverted people who can be a tad pessimistic.

Uneven lips

A fuller top lip can indicate that you love injecting drama into your relationships. Shouting matches, hissy fits and sulking is a part of your repertoire of emotion-fuelled outbursts. In contrast, a fuller lower lip represents a pleasure-seeker who loves the good things in life. Needless to say, you love to be pampered as well.

Cupid’s bow

A well-defined and deep Cupid’s bow is said to reflect someone who’s creative and communicates well, while a rounded one indicates compassion and kindness. Meanwhile, if yours is barely visible, experts read this as a tendency to be overly emotional - you’re ruled by the heart and are known to try to take care of everyone else’s problems.

Small, full lips

This pout belongs to someone who puts herself first in relationships, and doesn’t always care as much for her partner. But she’s also supportive and humble.

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