What Your Blood Type Says About You

Much more than you think, according to the Japanese


Knowing our blood type is crucial in life emergencies, as it will determine compatibility for transfusions. In Japan, however, people believe that the red stuff that flows in your veins reveals a lot more than biological info, and that blood type could set the foundation for your personality.

While it is true that blood type can affect your health, the idea that it is linked to your character doesn't sound quite scientific. Despite that fact, blood type “horoscope” is still huge in Japan, where books about it fly off the shelves and people use it to judge relationship compatibility.

How accurate is this blood type theory? Read on, just for fun, and see if yours is a match with your personality.

Type A

Type A’s are said to be introverts who seek harmony in social situations (read: they’ll run to avoid confrontations if they need to). They are considerate, dependable people who are likely to be creative, and are masters of Zen with the remarkable ability to remain calm when everyone else is panicking. On the flipside, these folks tend to be stubborn and overly perfectionist.

Most compatible with: Other Type A’s and Type AB.

Type B

Independent, individualistic and practical, Type B’s get jobs done with minimal fuss and hesitation. These are highly focused people who are great at following through a difficult task and try their best to accomplish what seems impossible. They may appear self-centred at times, and also too serious or even cold, but their intentions are always good. 

Most compatible with: Other Type B’s and Type AB.

Type AB

AB people swing from a Type A to Type B personality without warning and can’t seem to be properly categorised. They might seem extroverted yet shy at one moment, and then introverted yet outspoken on another day. Despite the polarities in their personality, they are responsible and trustworthy people. Good luck if you’re dating a Type AB person – in Japan, they are considered the worst of the blood types to be in a relationship with because of their unpredictable behaviour.

Most compatible with: Strangely, every other blood type (against all the odds).

Type O

Easy-going, confident and outgoing – these are the words that describe flexible Type O’s. They aren’t afraid of taking risks and will not hesitate in saying what’s on their minds. Some people might think that they are arrogant and vain but the truth is that they value the opinions of people around them, too. Type O’s always seem to stand out from the crowd, no surprise then that the Japanese think them the best lot among the other blood types.

Most compatible with: Other Type O’s and Type AB.

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