What We Were Watching On YouTube This Year

The results are un, un, un, un, unbelievable


Another year, another set of viral videos on YouTube that had us in stitches, in tears and inspired. So, what were we watching on the Internet this year? Well, whoever said Singaporeans don’t have a funny bone should eat his words now, seeing that the majority of the most viewed videos here are comedic shorts — most of which were made by local YouTube filmmakers Night Owl Cinematics (also, who said we have no creative talents?!). Take a look at the good, sad and funny of 2015, in the form of this year’s top 10 YouTube hits.

1. Unbelievable – I so stunned like vegetable (Spouse For House 2 MV)

Can we just say that it’s not so unbelievable that this infectious tune scored the top spot in this list? The music video for Channel 5’s TV series Spouse For House featuring actor Chen Tian Wen has racked up over 2 million views, has been featured in international news sites like Time and now, even has its own movie. There’s also the fact that we can’t seem to get “Come be my coffee table and I’ll be your sofa” out of our heads…

2. Ah Boys To Men 3: Frogmen Official Theme Song, Who Else

There are so many reasons why this theme song for Jack Neo’s Ah Boys To Men three-quel is such a hit. 1. Tosh Zhang & Crew are decked out in badass gear while rapping and singing. 2. It’s a great song that makes us so proud of our NS men! 3. There’s a short scene where the boys are all topless — you can almost hear all the tween girls (ok, fine, us too) squealing.

3. Foreign Worker Saves Baby In Singapore Part 1 Of 2

This terrifying yet intensely heart-warming video - of a foreign worker bravely climbing up a ledge to save a baby who had his neck caught between two rails - had us gasping in fear and reaching for the tissues. #FaithInHumanity, restored.

4. A Tribute To Mr Lee Kuan Yew

One of the biggest things to happen this year in Singapore: The passing of founding father Lee Kuan Yew. All the shock, grief and uncertainty we felt after his death was put into this incredible music video, spliced together with footage of the late Minister Mentor, and set to probably the most moving song ever. Interestingly, the video is produced by JTV, which is managed by Jack Neo. Who knew the local king of funny could make us cry so much?

5. Unbreakable | Songs Of The 28th SEA Games

“Unbreakable”, the theme song for this year’s 28th SEA Games got us so psyched that we were cheering for our athletes way before the games even started, thanks to Tabitha Nauser’s amazing pipes and the motivational tune. Even those of us who consider TV series marathons a sport were inspired to get our butts off our couches (for a little bit).

6. Why Adults Hate To Give Ang Pows

For those who celebrate Chinese New Year and are already married, this video by Night Owl Cinematics on giving red packets to relatives during CNY is all too real, and very, very funny. Also, in true N.O.C fashion, expect a lot of cleavage.

7. Dating Vs Married

Night Owl Cinematics was clearly on a viral-video making roll this year. Here’s yet another hit, this time a hilarious take on relationships, before and after marriage. We love that it’s actually an advert for Adventure Cove in Resorts World Sentosa, but doesn’t feel like one.

8. Hyundai: A Message To Space

Hard to believe a car commercial could make us go awwwww. We won’t spoil it for those who’ve not seen it, but the gist is, Stephanie from Houston, Texas, USA, enlists the help of Hyundai’s new automobile to send a message to her astronaut dad in space.

9. Annoying Trends In Singapore

Singapore’s own YouTube star Jian Hao Tan has garnered over 1 million views in this humorous look back at the weird things we were crazy about this year, from queueing up for yogurt to being a little too serious about our Instagram feed.

10. Ryan & Sylvia: The Weird Couple

Another winning video by the folks from Night Owl Cinematics! In this one, the channel’s founders Ryan and Sylvia (who are married) get their friends to describe their relationship. Sounds dull? It’s surprisingly funny. FYI, it’s also another cleverly produced ad, this time for Heaven & Earth teas.

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