What To Do If You're Bored

Don't spend the entire weekend lolling around in bed - pick up a new hobby now


Before Monday rolls around and you start to feel how little you’ve accomplished over the weekend again, why not sign up to learn something new and fulfilling?


Revisit the penmanship skills you left behind in your schooldays. Calligraphy is seeing a revival in popularity, as handwritten communication becomes a rarity in our electronic age. The Workroom conducts beginners’ workshops in which you will practise basic strokes, the alphabet, and write your favourite quote as a keepsake.


Want to create your own centrepiece, bouquet or head wreath? The Floral Atelier offers classes where you can get hands-on with ferns and blooms. Private group sessions can also be arranged — that’s one great idea for your next girls’ day out.


Instead of splurging on that pricey Diptyque candle, learn to make your own at Bloesem. You’ll get to mix up your very own scent using 100 per cent botanical oils for your one-of-a-kind soy-wax candle. 


Anything men can do, we can do better. Prove it by picking up basic woodworking and joinery, covered in the Carpentry 101 course at Singapore Furniture Industries Council Institute. We’d advise you to save that manicure for after the lesson, though. E-mail darren@sficinstitute.com for more info.


Get in on the shading action as adult colouring books climb up the bestseller lists and become a hot new hobby. We love: Secret Garden, which has sold more than 1.5 million copies in just two years. Don’t forget to grab a box of colour pencils, too. 

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