What’s Neo-Abstract Expressionist Art?

You’ll never have to gawp at it in confusion again


Award-winning American artist Frank Holliday gives you a crash course on this tongue-twister of a painting genre.

How would you describe Neo-abstract expressionist painting in 3 words?

Visceral, present, experiential. It relates to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect. It’s about the state of existing in a place or thing, based on experience and observation. It is beyond a look or style.

Neo-abstract expressionist painting is not to be confused with Neo expressionist painting. Neo-Expressionism is an international style rejecting minimal and conceptual art… while Abstract Expressionism is a deeper level of abstraction [with] much more of a spiritual approach.

My work may recall a spiritual aspect of abstract expressionism, but has a very different context (and intention). It’s Expressionist, conceptual, pop art and post-modern… my summation through my experience of living, looking and loving. This is emotive, and evokes emotional responses in the viewer. It's more guttural and generous rather than cool and repressed.

Heart & Soul


How exactly does one appreciate such an abstract art form? 

Many people looking at art are afraid to pay attention to their own gut, afraid to be wrong or not to feel or think the "right thing". I try to leave the painting open enough to allow the viewer to participate in the experience of looking at it. We can all deconstruct a painting, we all have taste; for instance, some people like spinach, some don't!

[Through my work] I try to get someone to open up and pay attention to the presence that happens between them and the work of art…  Some will see a bunny or a face, someone else will see the end of the world or a beautiful garden or sunset.  It all depends on the viewers’ subconscious at that moment.

Roman Holiday


What are 3 tips to note when investing in such artwork?  

Follow your gut. Buy from a smart dealer. Buy Frank Holliday!

Catch the Frank Holliday Solo Exhibition at Partners & Mucciaccia, #02-10 Gillman Barracks, from 11 September to 13 December. Closed on Mondays.  

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