Will Donald Trump Win The US Elections?

This and other questions are answered by Amélie van Tass of the Clairvoyants


Hailed as the best-selling magic show in Broadway history, the smash hit The Illusionists features seven of the world's greatest magicians performing awe-inspiring tricks. They include the Escapist, the Eccentic, the Manipulator and the Clairvoyants. 

Not to be confused with a trio of London-based DJs, the Clairvoyants are Amélie van Tass and Thommy Ten, experts in the field of mentalism. An award-winning duo, they have a knack of tapping into their audience's innermost thoughts. Here's what Amélie shared with us.

What are the pros and cons of being psychic?  

We are not psychic as people would define it. Everything magical we do on stage is the strong connection between Thommy and I. Everybody knows that feeling - when you think of a person you have not seen for years and suddenly your phone rings and it's that person calling you. Or if you know someone really well, you can sense they are having problems even if they are not nearby. We've brought this phenomenon to a new level!

Explain how you and Thommy work together on stage...

Every stage, every venue and every audience is different. We try to focus on ourselves and that our connection is really good. We have to be really sensitive to each other.

What's the most hilarious thought you read off an audience member's mind during a performance, and what was his or her reaction?

One of the most amazing things was a reaction of a female audience member. We were working with her and a man who didn't know each other. After her experience during the act, she was so overwhelmed that she asked him to marry her!

Use your powers to let me know what's in store for Elle Singapore in 2016 and beyond.

As usual, just amazing, outstanding and very creative things. Great job you guys! And I see a huge article about the two of us-  thank you, Elle!

Is Donald Trump going to win the US election?

We have a huge trust in our American friends, and that the right person will make it to the Oval Office.

Catch The Illusionists at Sands Theatre. MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands. 6 to 15 May. Tickets at $55 to $165 are available at Sistic. 

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