What Kind Of Hoarder Are You?

A professional declutterer breaks down the types


Do you have the best of intentions for your room but yet it seems to always be in chaos? According to Singapore’s first registered professional organiser, Georgina Wong, there are six types of women who have trouble making decisions and are always clinging onto stuff. You might be one of them. 

See if any of the below descriptions fit you and find out what you can do to curb the hoarding instinct in you.

1. “I spent so much on it.” — The Thrifty Saver

If you hold onto belongings that haven’t seen the light of day for over six months, face up to the reality that you made a poor choice or the item is no longer useful or fashionable. Things have no value if they’re not used, so identify a worthy charity/same-sized friend and you’ll feel better about passing them on. 

2. “It was on sale!” — The Bargain Shopper

You just can’t resist discounts or bulk deals. Do you realise that the items are costing you in terms of storage space as well as tying up your cash? First, limit your bulk purchases to a six-month supply. Next, allow yourself to buy a new item only if you get rid of an old one.

3. “I don’t have time.” — The Procrastinator

You’ve put off spring-cleaning for at least three years and are constantly busy — but did you realise that having to constantly rifle through your piles of stuff to locate things actually wastes time? Dedicate 10 minutes twice a week to decluttering and choose one small area to concentrate on. 

4. “It’s got sentimental value.” — The Romantic

Whether it was a present or a family heirloom, if you don’t have a use for it, gift it to someone who does. It might be your favourite aunt’s tea set, but remind yourself it’s the memory of her you should keep and not her belongings.

5. “It’s really old and cool.” — The Collector

True, but does that make it an antique? Learn the recognise the difference between becoming the resident karung guni and a real collector.

6. “I’ll wait until I can do it properly.” — The Perfectionist

If you prefer to let things slide rather than do a less-than-perfect job, you tend to paralyse yourself. Instead, why not find an organising buddy and help tackle each other’s mess?

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