What If The Same Guy Played Everyone In Game Of Thrones?

An avid Photoshop fan’s answer to this has taken the Internet by storm


Let’s face it - stellar isn’t the word anyone would use to describe Nicolas Cage’s career. Other than cinematic gems like Raising Arizona (1987), Leaving Las Vegas (1995) and Con Air (1997), the actor has mostly starred in big-screen duds (remember Ghost Rider? Okay, sorry we reminded you).

So would a smash-hit project like Game of Thrones revive his career? That question may never be answered IRL, but Reddit user CarlosDanger100 has given the world an idea of what the HBO show would be like if Cage played every. Single. Character.

Check out the gallery above - and see if you can keep a straight face tonight when you catch the latest episode on HBO (Starhub Channel 601) at 9pm.

Photos: reddit.com

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