Your Face Has Something To Say About Your Health

And you should really listen


You’ve heard the expression, “you are what you eat”. But what does it really mean? As it turns out, a lot more than many of us think.

According to research, your diet and digestive health are actually reflected in your face in the form of wrinkles, dry patches, fine lines and more.

What sort of complexion do you have, and what should you stop indulging in? Find out everything you need to pay heed to below.

The Cream Face

SIGNS: Little white spots and bumps in the chin area, swollen eyelids, cysts, clogged pores.

REASON: Too much dairy. If your immune system has a hard time processing dairy, general inflammation occurs. Your eyes get puffy, zits bubble up overnight and swelling is a common result for any injury you have. You’re lactose-intolerant, girl! Buh-bye whipped cream, milk, cheese and other delicious treats.

The Glue Face

SIGNS: Puffy cheeks, dark spots, bumps around the chin area, or a rash that won’t go away.

REASON: Too much gluten, that mix of proteins from wheat and other grains. The body reacts by triggering off reactive inflammation, resulting in skin issues and general bloating. It’s also a probable cause of the pesky pimples around the mouth. So take a step back from that heaping plate of Spaghetti Carbonara, okay?

The Sweet Face

SIGNS: Spots all over, thin brows, dry skin and lines on the forehead, saggy eyebags.

REASON: Too much sugar. When your your body breaks sugar down into glucose, insulin levels spike and inflammation produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin, creating sagging skin and wrinkles. Brows can also get thinner because the function of adrenal glands (they regulate brow growth) are compromised. Time to put down that chocolate-dipped churro.

The Dull Face

SIGNS: Acne, dry and dull skin, wrinkles and lines around the eyes and mouth, blotchiness.

REASON: Too much stress. Overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol encourages acne flare-ups due to oily skin and how the body cannot control inflammation. Other functions nosedive as well, including skin-repair abilities and the production of hyaluronic acid (skin’s natural moisturiser). Plan a holiday - pronto.

The Mabuk Face

SIGNS: Light lines across the cheeks and enlarged pores, deep lines that run from the sides of the nose down to the mouth, wrinkles or lines between the brows.

REASON: Too much alcohol. You don’t have to actually be drunk to have such a face. The lines between the brows are especially obvious, because that’s the area linked to liver health. The enlarged pores and the other lines appear because your body is dehydrated. A little flushing may also remain long after you drink, because your capillaries are still dilated. Stick to Perrier, eh?

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