Wedding Dress Dilemmas Solved

Randy Fenoli from TLC's reality show Say Yes To The Dress on choosing the right one for you


#1 It's all about silhouette and proportion

Proportion is extremely important. As most Asian women tend to be petite, you don't want a dress that's going to be too big and overpower you. Look at smaller details and more delicate beading, and consider lace with a smaller pattern and more delicate jewellery.  If you want to wear a ball gown, try a slimmer one and lighter fabrics. the same applies for your bouquet - opt for smaller flowers.

Conversely, curvaceous women who are taller with a fuller figure can work with big patterns, bolder beading and big flowers in their bouquets.  It’s important to keep in mind silhouette and proportion when choosing a wedding dress, no matter what ethnicity you are.

#2 Work with your natural skin tone

Wear a colour that goes nicely with your skin tone.  For example, if you're a redhead, go with a gown that has a pale green or pink tone,or an off-white so it doesn't wash you out.  As with any nationality, it's important to look at the skin tone next to the colour of the dress because there are many, many, many shades of white to choose from.


#3 Find the right balance

The right balance is always about complementing the bride's beauty; think of the bride as the painting, and everything else is the frame. Every element that you use – be it the dress, veil, jewellery, hairstyle or hair jewellery -  has to accentuate the bride's beauty and not take away from or overpower it.  Something that takes away from the bride's beauty could be a necklace that's too big, a veil that's too full or even a hairstyle that's really overpowering. 

For example, during the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding, there were the two royal relatives – Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – who had on those really wild fascinators. For me, all you noticed were those hats on their heads. It distracted you from really noticing how beautiful they were. 

#4 50 shades of white

There are many, many shades of white.  There's white, there's off-white, eggshell, diamond white, ecru,  antique white – I mean, there are so many shades .  For brides who don’t look good in an entirely white dress – perhaps they’re fair-complexioned – I think it’s okay for the dress to have a hint of colour such as a very pale pink, green or blue.

Personally, I'm not a fan of coloured wedding dresses because they are basically evening wear in my opinion.  To me, what makes that dress a wedding dress is the fact that it's white. So I'm more of a traditionalist. And I think that it's good to wear a white dress or off-white or a light-coloured one because at least people know not to show up at the wedding wearing white! If you wear  a coloured dress, what if somebody shows up at the wedding and they're wearing the same colour and they look better than you? 

#5 Lock in that commitment

I  recommend that brides order their dress six to eight months beforehand, or they may not be able to get the style they like. And after you say yes to the dress, you have to stop shopping! It's just like when you find the perfect guy, don't go to the singles bar after that!

Catch Say Yes To The Dress S14 at 9pm and the upcoming Say Yes To The Dress Big Day S3 which premiere 17 June6, 9pm. Both programmes are on TLC (StarHub Ch 427/ Singtel Ch 254).

Photos: TLC

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