Watch Out For These Festive Calories

This could be the worst time to go on a diet


We have a love-hate relationship with CNY goodies — everyone knows how calorific these irresistible treats can be. But exactly how much weight gain are you risking with every pineapple tart you pop into your mouth? Here’s a guide detailing the damage that each of your favourite festive snacks will do.

Bak kwa (A 57g piece) = 229 kcal

Pineapple tart (2 pieces) = 163 kcal

Love letter (4 rolls) = 224 kcal

Shrimp roll (10 pieces) = 227 kcal

Kueh bangkit (6 pieces) = 137 kcal

Beehive cookie (3 pieces) = 150 kcal

Nian gao (1/4 portion) = 245 kcal

It takes just 3,500 calories in excess of your usual dietary intake to gain you a pound of weight. Do the math — 8 love letters, 4 pineapple tarts, 10 shrimp rolls and 4 (tiny) pieces of bak kwa scoffed down in one sitting would already get you halfway there.

Sure, it won’t hurt to enjoy a little of this and that over just two days of celebration. But, admit it — most of us are likely to be snacking from those jars of temptation all the way to the end of Feb.

That said, don’t let this stop you from enjoying the festive delights. Just remember to apply moderation and if all else fails, be prepared to pound the treadmill after the holidays! 

Source: Tan Tock Seng Hospital

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