Try This At Your Next Dinner Party

Who wants to discuss the weather when you can ask one another more probing questions?


Whether you’re a complete wallflower or the life of any party, here’s a new card game that will help you size up a complete stranger or a new acquaintance more effectively and discover more about friends and family.

Created by a Singaporean startup called Starknicked, Smôl Tôk (say “small talk”) has been billed as an old-school card game designed to foster meaningful conversations beyond niceties and random chit-chat. In other words, inane chatter over the weather or the deliciousness of the Mojito you’re drinking will be swiftly by-passed for more, shall we say, enlightening convo topics.

Here’s how it works: Each player draws three question cards. Taking turns, each player directs one question card to another. Players answer questions directed at them and points are awarded based on what was asked. The player who accumulates the most points at the end of the session wins.  

Expect straightforward questions like “What do you most like to eat in the whole wide world?” to sentimental ones such as “How do you want to be remembered?”. Either way, you’ll get to know everyone better.

What’s more, you call the shots when it comes to how long game play lasts; keep it to 30 minutes if you’re pressed for time, or turn it into marathon over drinks and nibbles.

Smôl Tôk is now available here at at $32.90. Snap up a set before 31 Oct and you’ll enjoy 25 per cent off by quoting “25off” at check-out.

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