Trip The Northern Lights Fantastic

Great ideas for a spectacular aurora borealis journey


Is a Northern Lights tour on your travel bucket list? Now’s the time to cross it off — with so many companies specialising in tailored-for-you aurora borealis itineraries, making your dream come true is super simple, give or take a little cooperation from Mother Nature.

Here are some specialists to hit the road with.

Off The Map Travel

From an Aurora Festival, where Northern Lights experts gather to share their knowledge about the aurora, to a trip to the Aurora Village where you can view the lights from traditional ice-fishing huts, this UK-based travel specialist works closely with the world’s best aurora tourism destinations to create bespoke adventures. Ice fishing, dog sledding and a stay at the famous Icehotel are among the other highlights that you can opt for.

Extreme Iceland

This tour operator is backed by a team of guides who are all Iceland and outdoor travel experts. Its Custom Northern Lights Safari guides participants on a route based on weather, or you can go on its Surprise Trip for a true adventure and leave your itinerary in the hands of these professionals.

Magnetic North Travel

Watch the aurora borealis directly from a lodge, or head on a From Fire To Ice tour that sounds like a really cool (and hot) idea — it’s a summer tour that takes you from volcanoes and hot springs to glaciers to waterfalls on the islands of Iceland and Greenland.

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