Tired Of Feeling Tired All The Time?

Find out what could be the problem other than a lack of Zzzs


You diligently clock six to eight hours of snooze time every night and yet the yawning doesn’t seem to let up much in the day. We aren’t talking about the post-lunch slump but a persistent fatigue that could be affecting your performance at work and life.

You’re in reasonably good health (perhaps just not quite in shape over this festive period), so what could be the reason behind this sluggishness? Here are six possible culprits:

1. You’re not drinking enough water

Dehydration lowers your energy levels in an instant. It causes a reduction in blood volume, which makes the red stuff thicker and therefore your heart to pump less efficiently. This means oxygen reaches your muscles and organs slower.

2. You have an iron deficiency

Common in many women, due to the loss of blood during the monthly cycle. It's usually not a serious problem though it could sometimes be linked to deeper health issues. The only way to find out if you have a deficiency is via a blood test, though a pale and sallow complexion often is a telltale sign. Iron is responsible also for delivering oxygen within the body.

3. You skip breakfast

You’ve heard it before — breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Fuel your body so you can start your day well and ensure the rest of it is just as productive. Studies have shown that if your body misses out on the nutrients it needs in the morning, they might not be fully compensated for later in the day. It also plays a part in maintaining healthy body weight.

4. You eat too much junk food

Refined sugars and simple carbs that have a high glycemic index (GI) send blood sugar levels surging and your energy levels on a roller-coaster ride. Keep those levels steady by eating sensibly, or stock up on healthier snacks like nuts, yoghurt or some oatmeal crackers.

5. Your coffee addiction is draining your energy

You might perk up once you’ve downed that double espresso, but feel even more tired after that initial caffeine rush. If you’re hooked to the taste of coffee, how about a decaf instead to satiate your craving, or try to cut down your daily intake, cup by cup.

6. You are stressed at work

A little stress is good for everyone but constant anxiety has a long-term negative impact on your general health. If you can’t mentally switch off from work even by the time you get in bed, it’s high time to consider an adjustment in your career. Because, hey, one can have so many jobs but one life is all you get.

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