Time To Get Your S**t Together

Find some new perspective with the help of a professional coach 


Who better to push us ahead in life than a life coach? We get Theresa Ong from Executive Coach International to address some common obstacles.

I’m stuck in a rut and don't know what I want in life.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a definitive solution because every individual is unique in terms of her situation in life. Some people suddenly realise that they have missed out on doing what they love. Others might be on the right track but need clarity so as to get to the next level. One piece of advice I can offer is that if you’ve been trying the same thing over and over again and getting the same result, you may need another opinion or try something new.

Think positive — easy to say but difficult to accomplish.

People think that being positive is about trying to become positive. Instead, we need to face the negative emotions we are avoiding so as to see the answers that could be lying straight ahead. Rather than forcing yourself to be positive, find the cause of negativity and see what it is trying to tell you. Perhaps there is a lesson waiting there.

Help  I’m overworked!

Stress is often labelled as a bad thing but it can be good, too, it’s just a matter of coping with it. It pushes us to work harder and faster in order to get out from the situation. The problem only comes when you are not in control. Some of my clients destress with exercise, meditation, a facial or other activities that recharge them. Explore and get new ideas from people around you to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

What are some things that I can control and do to get happier?

1. Focus on what is most important to you and what you are passionate about.
2. Maintain control over your work-life balance and well-being.
3. Create an environment for yourself that includes people who are working towards the same goals as you are.

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