This Weekend: Visit The Singapore Motorshow 2016

Even non-petrolheads will have a ball


If you, like us, dread the thought of doing the same old thing every weekend, it’s time to break the monotony with a trip to the Singapore Motorshow 2016. Here are six reasons why a visit to the annual event - the largest of its kind here - will be wheely fun!

#1 There are a LOT of cars and only a little walking

You’re probably dying to buy a new car since COE prices have dropped. And since the motorshow is essentially one ginormous showroom with almost every key brand involved, you can do all your legwork under one roof. Some of the new models launching at the event include the rugged Infiniti QX80, the Mitsubishi Outlander (a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle – perfect for tree huggers!) and the super sleek BMW 740Li.

P/S: Great deals on both cars and peripheral products like insurance, cleaning packages etc on-site!

#2 You can check out the Motorshow babes

Oh, admit it – us chicks like eyeballing other girls even more than guys do.

#3 …And the stunt driver

Russ Swift is one of the world’s top stunt and precision drivers, and he’ll be doing doughnuts and drifts at a separate event on-site during the motorshow. Note that while this demo is free, you’ll have to pick up tickets (limited to 350 per show) an hour before each session. Timings and details here.

#4 You’ll be doing your part for charity

Buy a bottle of mineral water at $2 at the show and all proceeds will be donated to TOUCH Seniors Activity Centre to run programmes benefitting the elderly.

#5 You can hang out with the stars

Mediacorp celebs like The Muttons, Chew Chor Meng, Thomas Ong, Kym Ng and Jean Danker will be there to host activities and live radio shows!

#6 And last but definitely not least: You can go shopping afterwards

The newly renovated Suntec City is packed full of interesting shops and restaurants, like multilabel boutique Mporium, gadget store Ante and something-for-everyone fashion avenue W.E.+. Worth a look, no?

The Singapore Motorshow 2016 is on till tomorrow, 17 January, at Level 3 and 4 Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Open from 10.30am-10pm. More details at

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