This Tiny Device Will Take Away Horrible Menstrual Cramps

Say goodbye to the pain


Getting your period sucks. They make you feel awkward, self-conscious and sticky throughout the day, three to seven days at a time.

And if that’s not bad enough, there are menstrual cramps.

Some of us have it worse than others, but we are all familiar with it — that sharp, churning ache that feels like someone who hates you very much is squeezing your insides, hard

Sure, there are pills we can take, but they sometimes only dull the pain instead of taking it away, and if you’ve built a tolerance to them, they might not even work at all.

Thankfully, a smart new solution is on the way.

Meet Livia, a small device created by iPulse Medical that promises to take away all your menstrual pains instantaneously. It consists of a tiny pod — that honestly looks like an iPod Shuffle — which connects to two electrodes protected by hydrogel stickers. 

So, how does it work? All you have to do is attach the pulse stickers to the area you’re experiencing pain and turn the device on. It transmits small pulses and vibrations, stimulating the nerves around your abdomen and making it impossible for pain signals to pass to your brain. 

The best part is, thanks to its minute size, you can bring it anywhere and even wear it under your clothes while you’re out and about. 

And because its an external solution to menstrual cramps, it doesn’t have any side effects that will affect your hormones or fertility. Unfortunately, due to the vibrations, those with a heart pacemaker or with a heart rhythm problem are advised against using the Livia.

Sounds good doesn't it? The Livia is not on the market right now but can be preordered via crowd-funding site Indiegogo at US$85 (or approximately S$115), and is estimated to reach customers by October this year. 

For us, anything that can relieve the dreaded monthly pain is a godsend, period. 

Watch Livia’s hilarious promotional video below! If you want more information on the Livia, head here or fund the project on Indiegogo to preorder your own here.

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