This Super Easy 5-Min Workout Is Equivalent To A 1.5km Run

You don’t even have to leave the house


For any good exercise plan to work, you’ll need a healthy dose of cardio workouts to get your heart rate up in order to benefit from its effects. However, we know it can get pretty boring to go for the same run every two days, or attend the same spinning class every week.

If you feel the same way, it’s time to try jumping rope. From Victoria’s Secret angels to pro boxers, there are many fit professionals who swear by this cardio workout. Best part? You don’t have to engage a trainer, nor do you need any fancy equipment. Here are more reasons why we love jumping rope.

Everyone can do it

Start with a five-minute stretch, then slowly adding a minute or two to each session. This keeps the workout challenging, so you don’t lose interest. Alternatively, stick to the same time frame, but increase the number of jumps for increased intensity. Always losing count of your reps? Get a smart rope that comes with a display to show you how many jumps you’ve done, and keeps track of your performance.

It keeps your heart rate up

The quickest way to get your heart rate up is to do 100 skips at one shot – in the shortest time possible. This elevates your heart rate between other sets at the gym, especially if you’ve been doing seated exercises – a good way to ensure that you’ll burn fat and build muscles at the same time!

It’s super easy yet effective

Jumping rope for five minutes can be akin to running 1.5km, depending on your speed. The exercise is also a lower impact alternative to pounding the pavement.

You can use the rope for other exercises too

Besides being super portable (you can even pack it with you when travelling), the jump rope is also good for other workouts. Instead of standing jumps, do lunge or squat jumps to work your thighs. Want fab abs? Kick your knees above the belly button during jumps.

Photos: Smart Rope

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