This Man Eats Bad Inflight Meals So You Don’t Have To

He also shares which ones are worth tucking into (surprise, one Russian airline scores high on the list!)


Few of us love inflight meals. Nikos Loukas, on the other hand, generously endeavours to try as many of them as humanly possible so that everyone else can have an idea of what to expect.

He posts reviews of them on his website, Inflightfeed, which is packed with write-ups of meals from over 80 international airlines based on menu, service, value and taste, including buy-on-board options. He’s also on Instagram at @inflightfeed.

Why the dedication? Loukas once managed inflight catering for an Australian low-cost carrier for eight years. When the airline introduced a menu change that set off numerous passenger complaints, he realised there was a lack of constructive conversation taking place between passengers and airlines about their menu options.

He then set up Inflightfeed and personally generated content for it by travelling 27,833km on 23 airlines around Europe for two months.

Of course, on top of featuring his reviews, the site also encourages passengers to upload their own photos and meal experiences. 

But Inflightfeed isn’t aiming to become the next, an online photo community where travellers contribute pictures of their inflight meals.

Instead, Loukas, who still works in the airline catering industry, is simply trying to create a more thorough resource on meal options available on air travel.

P/S: You can even whet your appetite by browsing the site - he somehow manages to make the meals look much more appetising than they usually are with some pretty decent photography skills!

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