This Is Why You Need To Stop Sleeping After Midnight

One more reason to hit the sack early


It’s not news that a good night’s rest is beneficial. From improved brain functions to a healthier, longer life, sleeping early and well only brings merits — but how many of us actually manage to get into bed early and fit in a full eight hours of sleep?

If you’ve been consistently hitting the sack at 2 am, here’s another reason to push your bedtime earlier. A new study has found that going to bed past 12 am and the lack of sleep increases negative thoughts and worrying.

Conducted by the Birmingham University in Alabama, USA, researchers studied 100 people, their sleeping habits and their behavioral patterns, namely if they worry and display obsessive-compulsive symptoms throughout their waking day.

The presence of these signs point towards Repetitive Negative Thinking (RNT), where persistent pessimistic thoughts intrude into daily life.

From the results, researchers found that those who regularly go to bed between midnight and 5 am are more likely to experience Repetitive Negative Thinking during their day.

So if you want happier, more positive days, it’s time to cancel that late night movie marathon and turn off your TV before the clock strikes 12. Need some help drifting off to dreamland? Here are 8 Ways To Fall Asleep Faster.

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