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You either see it after a while, or you don’t - that’s the general consensus when it comes to the latest puzzle that’s getting people stumped or super frustrated.

First shared by Filipino Jaya May Cruz on her Facebook page, all you see is part of a white table on a cream-toned carpet with a dark blue-grey-brown print and the words: “Can you see The mobile Phone???” Sounds simple enough, right? But many have squinted and stared at it for ages, or scrutinised it for lines that might reveal the edges of a phone - to no success.

Still, I do know someone who spotted it after 10 seconds. And I eventually managed to find the phone after a good hour. How? All I can say is this: When you finally find it, you’ll wonder how you didn’t see it staring you in the face the whole time.

Go on, see how you do! Want a hint? Email me at

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