This Is How Your Instagram Posts Reveal Your Age

We’re onto you!


According to a recent study by The Pennsylvania State University, you can pretty much guess a person’s age by looking at what’s in their feed. Here are some of the tell-tale signs:

1. Teens remove more photos based on number of likes

First of all, teens are more likely to delete posts that aren’t reaping in the likes because they are tend to more conscious of the popularity of their photos. 

2. Grown-ups have more diverse topic content

Given that most teens are still in school, it’s not hard to imagine that their range of photos is more restricted than adults’. The Washington Post has also pointed out that adults are more likely to post more about their location and nature, with more variety in their locations (aka bragging about their travel escapades!), whereas teens are not as likely to be globe-trotting.

3. The younger you are, the more responsive you tend to be

Even though they post fewer photos than adults, the younger demographic and definitely more engaged in liking, tagging and commenting on other posts. The study showed that teens replied to previous comments from other users in around 7.2 minutes, whereas adults take around 30 minutes to respond. 

Given that my feed is peppered with mostly travel photos and I usually take an hour to reply to comments, I’d say that this study is pretty accurate (and yes, I’m old AF). What do you think?

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