This Incorrectly Printed Stamp Is Worth US$500,000

Catch one of the most valuable philatelic errors ever at the World Stamp Exhibition this weekend


Even if you can’t tell a Penny Black from a Bull’s Eye, the World Stamp Exhibition that’s happening at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre right now might be worth spending a few hours of your weekend at. 

Here’s what caught our eye: The Inverted “Jenny” Stamp (pictured above), one of the most famous stamp errors in the postal history of the United States— one of the highlights at this event. This single 24-cent stamp, a piece of paper hardly bigger than a square inch, is worth a whopping US$500,000 today. The reason for this massive appreciation in value? A printing error, in which the biplane was printed upside-down on the stamp. Only 100 examples slipped past the quality inspectors, which explains their prized status.

That’s not all. The Court of Honour section, which holds award-winning stamps from prominent local and international collectors, boasts a value well over S$10 million. Sounds like the stuff of every philatelist’s dreams (not to mention a major security nightmare). And whether you’re a stamp collector, investor or just plain curious, you’ll want to catch these too: Public auctions of philately items, limited-edition stamps from around the world and a special attractions gallery that shares Singapore’s heritage via stamps. 

The exhibition runs from today till 19 August at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Halls B & C, during the following hours: 14, 17, 18 August — 10am to 6pm; 15 August — 12pm to 8pm; 16 August — 10am to 8pm; 19 August — 10am to 4pm. Admission is free.

Photo: Singapore 2015 

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