This Ikea Lamp Can Juice Up Your Mobile Phone

Plus the coolest wireless chargers around


Not to sound too drama queen, but when Ikea unveiled a range of furnishings that came with fittings to enable wireless mobile phone charging, we knew it heralded a momentous moment in furniture design.

And why not? It’s FINALLY a way to get rid of unsightly charging cables (instead of just stashing the tangled coils in corners or boxes), and super functional because each piece doubles as a stylish lamp or table too!

The range is now out in the store, so go get your hands on these smart fixtures that won't break the bank. For those who prefer separate charging units, Ikea has thoughtfully included them in the range too:

NORDMÄRKE triple pad for wireless charging, $99, from IKEA.

If you’re new to the whole wireless-charging thing, note that not all phones are compatible with the technology - yet. However, this can be easily solved by getting a phone case or receiver that will equip your mobile with the required functionality.

Not convinced yet? You might just change your mind after looking at these other cool wireless chargers that we've rounded up here:

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