In Taiwan, A Stiletto-Shaped Church For Women

Will it answer our prayers for more space in the shoe cabinet?


No, you’re not looking at some theme park or a new Christian Louboutin flagship. This shiny shoe-shaped building is actually a church.

Officials in Chiayi, Taiwan, came up with the unusual idea of building a place of worship in the form of a glass high heel, in a bid to draw more female congregants.

Measuring 55 feet tall and 36 feet wide, this whimsical structure is located in Ocean View Park within Budai town on the east coast of Taiwan, and was built in just two months using a total of 320 pieces of glass.

Besides the shape of its exterior, it boasts other features that supposedly cater to females, including “chairs for lovers and props like maple leaves, biscuits and cakes - all ideal for romantic photographs”. Whether these actually appeal to us is another matter altogether.

While the building hasn’t yet been assigned a specific religious denomination (shoe worship, anyone?), the BBC reports that it will be used for pre-wedding photo shoots and wedding ceremonies instead of regular services.

One for shoe lovers to add to their bucket list, whether or not you’re getting married, no?

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