This Changes Everything For Working Mums

And it’s about time


We’re all in favour of more maternity leave and days off for dads, but there’s no getting away from the fact that those are temporary solutions. Once your four months is up and your partner’s run out of paternity leave, what’s a girl with a kid to do?

Enter Trehaus, Singapore’s first co-working space that encompasses child-minding and learning facilities.


Founded by a clutch of cool working mothers - entrepreneur and woman-about-town Tjin Lee, marketing whiz Rachel Teo, doctor Elaine Kim and educator Elizabeth Wu - it aims to “change the landscape for working parents by providing an environment and where quality work and family life can co-exist”.

The 4,000 sq ft Scandic-inspired space is made up of private offices and common zones, plus a Kids’ Atelier that’s a concept space with child-minding services and the option of lessons and programmes for children. Which means that here, parents can take their children to work whenever they need to and focus on their businesses while being near to their kids - without having to worry about whether they’re up to mischief or not making full use of their time to enrich themselves.

Depending on your needs, you can rent anything from a desk for a day to a private office for a year, with perks like networking sessions and workshops rolled in. Your kids, meanwhile, can be signed up for programmes based on the Reggio Emilia approach and play-based learning.


The best part? Trehaus is located in super central Claymore Connect in Orchard so it’s easy to get to, not to mention super convenient if you desperately need some retail therapy during the day or would like to grab something from Isetan supermarket.


Says Teo, “There are so many of us who had to make the tough decision of leaving the workforce or struggle to be a business owner when we become a parent, because the traditional work arrangements couldn’t support the need to fulfill family commitments.

“We hope that Trehaus is a start to educating employers and employees that a flexible worklife arrangement can be productive, efficient and definitely beneficial to the workforce in the long run.” 

Move over, Google. We’ve just found our new favourite office.

To find out more about Trehaus or sign up as a member, check out their website.

Photos: Trehaus

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