These Sunnies Will Instantly Turn You Into A Snapchat Pro

Ace your Snap-game with Spectacles


Snapchat has just revealed an exciting new add-on to take your Snaps to a whole new level. Nope, it’s not another puppy filter or floral crown — it’s a pair of smart sunglasses.

Named Spectacles, these funky shades are fitted with lenses that record Snapchat video snippets. With its circular 115° angle lens, these pairs will help you capture what’s around you in what’s truly your perspective.

All you have to do is tap the button on the top-lefthand corner of the sunglasses to record your 10-second clip. The clip will be wirelessly saved to your Snapchat Memories if you’re using an Apple iPhone, or will have to be manually transferred via WiFi if you’re on an Android device.

Opinions on this new gadget are split for now, but we think it’s a really cool new way to capture your day-to-day in a way that’s as true to life as possible. It’s a lot like using a GoPro without the hassle of actually having to hold anything.

We see ourselves using this for events like music festivals or even fashion weeks, where we need to keep our hands relatively free but still want some video keepsakes.

Plus, it looks quite chic, and will be available in three shades: Black, teal and coral.

Reportedly, they’re going to be sold for US$130 (approx. S$177), which is quite a reasonable price for a pair of smart sunglasses. 

Don’t empty out your bank accounts just yet though — Spectacles have not been released. Till the launch, here’re are 5 Snapchat Tricks to jazz up your Snaps.

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