These Are The World’s Most Stunning Passports

Singapore − when can we have one as cool as these?


We already know which are the most powerful passports in the world, but what about those that are the most well-designed? You might think that all passports look pretty similar, with the biggest difference being the colour of the cover, but here’s a look at two examples that will blow your mind with their uber-cool pages.

Norway’s passport is as chic as you would expect anything from the land of great design to be. The cover is modern and minimalist − nothing like how the typical passport looks like − while the pages inside feature graphic depictions of the country’s natural landscapes. Here’s where the magic lies – when placed under a UV light, these landscapes transform to show the northern lights in the sky.

This intriguing design, created by Oslo design studio Neue, was the winning entry in a competition held by Norway’s National Police Directorate in search of a new design for the nation’s passports and identification card.

Blown away by the black-light surprises hidden in the Norwegian passport? Wait till you take a look at the Canadians’ version. Featuring national icons such as the Niagara Falls, Parliament Hill and the RCMP, theirs, too, light up under UV light to reveal designs that are simply enthralling. Here are images of some of the best designs from it.

How amazing is that? We never knew that a passport could be so entertaining. Now, if only someone could come up with immigrations stamp designs that are as spectacular as these.

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