These Are The Most Common Phobias In The World

If you have any of them, don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone


People have got some of the weirdest phobias — they may make no sense to most of us, but could seriously impact the lives of those who suffer from them.

Imagine if you’ve got catoptrophobia (a fear of mirrors) — every visit to a public restroom will be a trip to hell and back. Thankfully, it’s one of the rarer phobias that exist today.

Want to know which are the 10 most common fears in the world? Check out this list that counts down to the No. 1 phobia of all time:

10. Trypophobia – Fear of holes

Seeing a picture of coral, sponges, honeycombs or lily pods is enough to send chills down the spine of a trypophobe. Holes in any form are simply gross to them.

9. Aerophobia — Fear of flying

Aerophobia affects about 6.5 per cent of the world’s population and is one of the more logical fears in this list. It’s associated with cleithrophobia (fear of being unable to escape) and claustrophobia (fear of small spaces). 

8. Mysophobia — Fear of germs

OCD comes to mind when we think of the germaphobe. Excessive hand-washing and bathing are behaviours seen in sufferers of this condition. Isolation is a symptom of this phobia, since they will try to avoid all social situations.

7. Claustrophobia — Fear of small spaces

Imagine being trapped in the lift or a store room for 10 days — then you’ll have some idea of what a claustrophobe goes through. This phobia is often confused with cleithrophobia (fear of being trapped). 

6. Astraphobia — Fear of thunder and lightning

As expected, children are the ones who suffer from astraphobia, but what you probably don’t know is that it can persist into adulthood.

5. Cynophobia — Fear of dogs

These are people who find no joy at the sight of cute puppies. And guess what, if you have cynophobia, you’ll likely also be afraid of cats. This condition could be worse than arachnophobia since there are definitely more dogs around than spiders. 

4. Agoraphobia — Fear of open or crowded spaces

Malls, theatres and stadiums are places that agoraphobes avoid. Because they can’t get out as much as a normal person can, depression is bound to hit them down the road.

3. Acrophobia — Fear of heights

This one is so common, we’re pretty sure you can find at least five people among your friends who have it.

2. Ophidiophobia — Fear of snakes

No python-skin bags or shoes for ophidiophobes — the mere sight of snakeskin gives them the creeps. This fear has evolutionary roots, since avoiding venomous snakes is important for survival. 

1. Arachnophobia — Fear of spiders

This is another phobia with evolutionary roots, since spiders can be poisonous too. Although we’d say it’s really due to how disgusting these eight-legged creatures look. 


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