These 3 Travel Hacks Guarantee A Good Start To Any Vacay

You’ll be smiling instead of stressed out even before you shut the front door behind you




1. Get covered quick and easy

The more you travel, the more travel insurance you’ll need, and the more bang you’ll want to get for your buck. At insurance comparison website, you can easily search for the best deals. Key in details such as your desired policy type, the number of people travelling and the travel dates, and the site does all the homework for you. In seconds, you’ll have a list of competitively priced options. All that’s left to do? Pick one.


2. Minimise flight fatigue

Pick the right seat on an airplane and you’ll still have spring in your step when it’s finally time to disembark. Travel search engine highlights the best and worst seats on an Airbus (used by the likes of Jetstar, Dragonair) or a Boeing 777 (carriers like Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways). Discover which seats are the quietest, offer the best legroom or have optimum window views as opposed to those with the most difficult bathroom access and are the last to be served food and drink. Also check out, which offers seat charts and advice for almost every flight and airline, and comes with user comments and photos.


3. Be a true woman of the world

One of the most frustrating things about travel is the language barrier, which can make reading a menu or locating a public restroom difficult. With the Google Translate app, however, you can instantly translate printed text in 27 languages. Just take a picture of any word or phrase, and in seconds, you’ll get a translation in your language of choice. Now there’s no more excuse to mistakenly order bull’s testicles for dinner (though you may have to choose between “disenfranchised” and “enraptured” beef, as we discovered on a German steak menu).

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