There's Something About Amy

Here are five reasons we can’t help but love comedian Amy Schumer


#1 She’s feckless. As a voluptuous woman who’s loud and provocative, she’s not your typical Hollywood sample-sized sexy starlet. Well aware of this, she made things happen for herself, working the New York comedy scene relentlessly to put herself out there. She caught the right eyes at satellite TV station Comedy Central, and in the space of a few years, has catapulted herself from unknown comic to movie star. Her big screen debut, Trainwreck, is anything but — it’s made US$30.2million so far.

#2 She’s a smart cookie. There’s no topic she won’t touch when it comes to social commentary (hear what she has to say about the objectification of female athletes) on her sketch comedy TV series, Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central. Using humour to highlight social issues has never worked so well.

#3 She’s funny. Sure, you think, she’s a comedian, she’s supposed to be funny. But what makes Amy’s brand of humour especially appealing is how it stems from a mix of inner confidence borne from self-deprecation. She’s not afraid to talk about her struggles with body issues, and in the same breath, she calls her butt “a fudge machine”.

#4 She’s unapologetic, when the situation calls for it. She made Disney hotshots and George Lucas livid and outraged fans with her controversial GQ cover lampooning the Star Wars franchise. In several pictures, she poses suggestively with C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca. But not only did she refuse to apologise, she also said in an Australian radio interview that she would do it all again in a heartbeat. However, when earlier criticised for being a racist in her stand-up performances, she unreservedly tweeted her apologies for her lack of sensitivity.

#5 She’s not afraid of being called feminist. There are women who won’t even go there, but Amy is not one of them. She told CBS News, “If I’m preaching for women’s equality, then sign me up. It’s so crazy that people don’t identify as feminists. I think it’s only people that don’t know the definition.”

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