This Cinema Wants To Host Your Mid-Day Power Nap

In Gold Class seats, no less


We know all too well the daily struggle to stay awake — a process that includes blasting electronic dance music at full volume, drinking endless cups of coffee and making repeated trips to the restroom to splash some water on our sleep-deprived faces. 

During moments like that, wouldn’t we all kill to have a space to lie back and take a quick nap?

Well, those prayers have been answered with Golden Village Suntec City’s Gold Class Executive Zen Zone promotion. Any weekday between 7 July to 28 September, you can rent one of the plush, comfy recliners in the Gold Class cinema and catch 90 precious minutes of shut-eye between noon and 1.30pm. No movies will be playing, of course.

While you can’t put a price on beauty sleep, renting one of these cushy seats will set you back $12. But before you grimace at the thought of paying the amount of a weekend movie ticket just to sit in a dark room, know that the Executive Zen Zone experience also includes a drink and a main dish. Choose between delish Asian and Western fare like Thai grilled chicken thigh, the Gold Class Angus burger and seafood penne with lobster sauce — yum!

You’ll also get a sleeping eye mask plus discount vouchers for food and regular movie screenings. Now, excuse us while we run down to take a nap. 

Book your tickets for the GV Suntec Gold Class Executive Zen Zone here or head down to GV Suntec City, #03-373 Suntec City Mall. 

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