The Ultimate Solo Girl’s Guide To Bali

Or why going it on your own may be the best thing ever


While it’s nice to travel with friends, there will always be stuff you want to do and places you want to go that don’t appeal to anyone else. The answer to that? Travelling solo. And though the thought of going it alone can be intimidating, the trick is to simply just do it. Don’t let the fear of being alone stop you from adventuring on your own!

One of the best places to start is Bali, which is often named one of the safest destinations for solo female travelers (bonus: It’s super close to home!). Not only is it packed with a wide range of activities, it’s also the perfect balance of countryside and creature comforts.

If you're still feeling daunted at the idea of planning a solo holiday, simply head to eOasia. The online booking platform features over 2,500 unique travel experiences in Asia, which are all personally selected and tried out by the eOasia team - so as to ensure a safe, best-priced and amazing time for its customers.

Ahead, eOasia's checklist of the best that Bali has to offer, tailored to solo-travelling you.

1. Shop till you drop

Bali is definitely a shopaholic’s paradise – you can browse through a trove of designer boutiques, international surf shops and lifestyle havens in central Seminyak, or pick out intricate traditional artwork from workshops and galleries in Ubud, where you can observe artisans at work. Talk to the artists – Balinese are known for their warmth and hospitality, so you may pick up a good story or two about the craftwork you’ve bought!

Best of all, being alone means you don’t have to put up with anyone judging your purchases (“Don’t you already have FIVE maxi dresses?”) or feel bad about making your friends wait while you make up your mind on which wooden salad bowl to bring home.

2. Embark on your own Eat, Pray, Love experience

We’re not sure if it’s the beautiful padi fields, calming sea views by the beach, or just the innate zen of the Balinese people, but we always feel relaxed here. So why not further tap into this state of inner peace by going on a spiritual journey on the island? From a morning yoga class at one of Bali’s best beaches to a unique healing ritual session with the youngest ordained 21-year-old High Priestess in Bali, you’re guaranteed a very special experience.

3. Completely pamper yourself

The best way to step out of your daily grind is to treat your body well. However, it can be a nightmare to schedule spa appointments when you’re travelling in a group – so you should definitely take advantage of your solo holiday to go for as many Balinese massages as you like!

For the ultimate indulgence, book yourself in for a full-body relaxation the minute you land. You can also leave Bali like a pampered princess with a final massage appointment at this fabulous spa that’s only five minutes from the international airport.

4. Learn something new

Pick up unique skills during your Bali trip – travelling is all about new experiences anyway! Go for a Kuta market tour and cooking class to learn traditional Balinese recipes, craft your own silver pendant at a jewellery-making workshop, or make a ceramic vase for those bouquets you always receive. 

5. Go on an adventure – or two 

Everyone has a different threshold for adventure: You may be really into paragliding above the sea at Nusa Dua, while your best friend’s idea of excitement is eating mee bakso from a roadside stall. A solo trip gives you the freedom to go on as many adventures as you like, and Bali will definitely fulfill your expectations for a thrilling good time – a sunrise trek on Mount Batur, anyone?

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